Workshop to prepare consultants and countries in Western and Central Africa to develop new Global Fund funding requests

17 Dec 2019
UNAIDS and partners highlighted interventions that have proven effective, and priorities of prevention, testing, and prevention of mother-to-child transmission

A regional workshop in Western and Central Africa (WCA) to build the capacity of national consultants and experts working on Global Fund grant applications was held in Saly, Senegal, from 25 to 27 November 2019.


OIG audit in Sudan shows “serious deficiencies” in asset management and procurement

27 May 2019
Low bed-net usage, and unaddressed capacity and implementation gaps impede progress

In its second audit of Global Fund grants to Sudan, where the Global Fund is the largest health donor, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) found “serious deficiencies” in relation to asset management and procurement controls by both Principal Recipients, the United NationslDevelopment Program (UNDP) and Sudan’s Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH).


Political instability, decreasing resources and a resurgent malaria epidemic: A challenging environment for Global Fund grants in Burundi

6 Feb 2018
Malaria incidence doubled between 2014 and 2016


Global Fund Board approves a second batch of grants for 2017-2019

28 Nov 2017
Twenty funding requests yielded 32 grants


Additional information on the decision not to approve extensions for HIV and TB grants to Bosnia and Hercegovina

16 Aug 2016
Secretariat is reviewing the impact on nine components that are no longer eligible for funding

In GFO #293, we reported that the Global Fund Board turned down a recommendation to provide additional funding for a TB grant and an HIV grant in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although to still do now know why the Board decided not to grant the additional funding, we now have additional information on what was being requested and why. As well, we are able to report on the reaction of the principal recipient (PR), UNDP.


Board turns down proposal to provide additional funding for grants in Bosnia and Herzegovina

3 Aug 2016
A TB grant and HIV grant are affected

GFO has learned that the Global Fund Board has turned down a recommendation to provide additional funding for a TB grant and an HIV grant in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

There has been no public announcement of the Board decision. Nor has the Global Fund made public any details concerning the amounts involved, the rationale for the recommendation, or the reasons why the recommendation was not approved.


OIG audit in South Sudan raises questions about managing grants in difficult operating environments

19 Oct 2015
Weaknesses identified in managing programs and health services and products, and in governance and oversight

An audit by the Office of the Inspector General on grants to South Sudan concluded that while financial and fiduciary controls are at the level of the principal recipients were effective, there are weaknesses in the management of programs and health services and products, and in governance and oversight. A report on the audit was released on 5 October.

Global Fund seeks to recover $116,000 from Tajikistan after procurement fraud

4 May 2015
A government sub-recipient was found to have significantly overpriced non-health products bought with Global Fund grant money

The Global Fund will seek to recover some $116,000 in misused funds from Tajikistan attributed to improper procurement practices by a government sub-recipient of an HIV grant managed by the UN Development Program.


Conflict in Syria Is Disrupting Implementation of Global Fund Grants

7 May 2013
The PR, UNDP, has made several adjustments

The current conflict in Syria has severely affected implementation of Global Fund grants in that country. Adjustments have been made and one grant has been reprogrammed to achieve the desired results, according to Fabien Lefrancois, a spokesman for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the principal recipient (PR) for the grants.


UNDP Strengthens National Entities to Implement Global Fund Grants

13 Mar 2013
The UN body has completed its work as PR in 19 countries

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) says that it plays a key role in developing the capacity of national bodies in the countries where it operates as principal recipient (PR) to enable them to implement Global Fund grants after UNDP has completed its term as PR.