Canada increases its pledge by 20% and will host The Global Fund’s fifth replenishment conference

10 May 2016

The Global Fund’s Fifth Replenishment campaign received a significant boost with the announcement by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that Canada is pledging CAD 785 million (USD 608 million) for the 2017-2019 period and will host the Fifth Replenishment Conference in Montreal on 16 Septemb


France Pledges $1.4 Billion for Global Fund’s Fourth Replenishment

17 Jul 2013

France has announced that it will contribute € 1.08 billion ($1.4 billion) to the Global Fund for the Fourth Replenishment period (2014–2016). That works out to about $467 million a year. This approximately the same as the amount France pledged for the Third Replenishment (2011–2013).


Rwanda’s Health Minister Calls for More Donations to Global Fund

27 Aug 2012

Many of the world’s largest economies are not fulfilling their financial pledges to the Global Fund, according to Agnes Binagwaho, Rwanda’s health minister.


Bill and Melinda Gates Support the Fund, and Speak Out on AIDS Issues

19 Sep 2006

Shortly before the International AIDS Conference took place in Toronto last month, the Gates Foundation announced that it would give $500 million to the Global Fund over the years 2006-2010, at a rate of $100 m. per year. This is a significant increase from the $150 m. that the foundation gave over the four years 2002-2005.


Russia Announces Major Pledge to Global Fund

8 Aug 2006

Russia has announced a pledge of $270 million through 2010, sufficient to reimburse the cost of all Global Fund projects in Russia to date. The announcement was made at the G8 summit that Russia hosted in mid-July. This will be, by far, the largest pledge to the Global Fund from a country that also receives grants from the Fund.


Italy Cancels a Major Pledge to the Global Fund

16 Dec 2004

Italy has apparently reneged on a pledge that it will give 100 million euros (133 million dollars) to the Global Fund by the end of this month.

In June 2003, at the Evian G8 summit, Italy pledged to give €100 million to the Global Fund in 2004 and as much again in 2005.

Italy has not yet contributed its 2004 pledge - meaning it has not contributed anything to the Fund since 2003.

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