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Global Fund Board Accepts Most of the Recommendations of the High-Level Panel

28 Sep 2011

Consolidated Transformation Plan to be developed by November 2011

Several recommendations to be implemented immediately


High Level Panel Releases Report Recommending Major Changes to the Global Fund

20 Sep 2011

A High Level Panel led by former President Mogae of Botswana and former US Secretary of Health and Human Services Michael Leavitt has recommended in its report, released yesterday, that the Global Fund make some major changes in its structure and working methods.


Global Fund Board Chair Resigns Due to Illness

23 Aug 2011

Vice-Chair to serve as Interim Chair until new elections are held

On 16 August 2011, the Global Fund announced that Martin Dinham has resigned as Chair of the Global Fund Board "due to an unexpected deterioration in a long-standing health condition."


Call for Nominations for the Communities Delegation on the Global Fund Board

9 Aug 2011

The Communities Delegation on the Global Fund Board, which represents communities living with HIV and TB, and affected by malaria, has issued a call for nominations for membership on the delegation. Membership would be for a three-year period, 2012-2014. The position is unpaid and requires a commitment of about eight hours per week (on average). The deadline for applications is Friday, 12 August at 15:00 GMT.


New "Country Team Approach" Adopted for Managing Grants

24 Sep 2010

The Global Fund is making some changes to the way the Secretariat manages grants. A new "country team approach" is being adopted, initially in 13 countries, but it will encompass a further 29 countries by the second quarter of 2011.


Board Rejects Request for Phase 2 Funding from Sri Lanka

24 Sep 2010

In August 2010, the Global Fund Board rejected a request for funding for Phase 2 of a Round 6 tuberculosis (TB) grant in Sri Lanka. This is the first time in more than three years that the Global Fund has declined to approve a Phase 2 request. Some Board members opposed the decision.


Global Fund Secretariat Responds to OIG Reports

20 Sep 2010

The Global Fund Secretariat acknowledges that it has not done all it could have done to systematically tackle issues related to its grant-management processes raised by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG). But it says that it has acted quickly and decisively whenever Global Fund monies were at risk.


The Global Fund at AIDS 2010 in Vienna

14 Jul 2010

A large symposium session on "The Global Fund: Proving Impact, Promoting Rights" will be held at the upcoming XVIII International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2010) in Vienna, Austria, on 18-23 July 2010.


E.D. Report Provides Updates on CCMs, Round 8 Grants, Other Topics

24 Jun 2010

The Global Fund is developing a comprehensive performanceassessment framework designed to enhance its ability to identify CCMs that needassistance. As well, fund portfolio managers (FPMs) have been instructed to activelyparticipate in CCM meetings and to liaise more regularly with CCM members.


OIG Says Current Application Process Impairs Board Decision-Making

24 Jun 2010

The current grant applicationsprocess constrains the Board's ability to set policy and strategy, and to makefunding decisions that meet Global Fund objectives. This is one of the observationsin an audit report issued by the Office of the Inspector General, "TheOIG Review of the Global Fund Grant Application Process." (This is thethird of three articles in this GFO issue on the OIG report.)


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