Donor Governments Pledge Record Amounts to the Fund

30 Sep 2007

Donors are expected to give the Global Fund at least $9.7 billion over the next three years, 57% more than they gave over the past three years.


Global Fund Releases Report on Results and Future Challenges

10 Mar 2007

The Global Fund has released a progress report entitled Partners in Impact - Results Report 2007. The report is one of several documents released by the Fund in preparation for the Second Replenishment Meeting that was held earlier this week in Oslo. The documents are available at


Which Countries Should Give How Much to the Global Fund?

1 Mar 2007

Donor countries will meet in Oslo, Norway, next week for the first of two "Replenishment" meetings to discuss how much they might give to the Global Fund for the three years 2008-2010. (The second meeting will take place in September, in Berlin.)


Global Fund Identifies Resource Needs for 2008-2010

1 Mar 2007

In preparation for the Second Replenishment Meeting to be held in Oslo on 5-7 March 2007, the Global Fund has prepared a projection of its resource needs for the three-year period from 2008 to 2010.


Donors Meet to Review Global Fund Progress

5 Jul 2006

Representatives of over twenty donor governments met in Durban yesterday and today for a Mid-Term Review of the first "Replenishment" period of the Global Fund, covering 2006-7. The primary purpose of the meeting was for donors to receive presentations from the Secretariat regarding the Fund's progress thus far.


Pledges on a Country-by-Country Basis

7 Sep 2005

At yesterday's Replenishment meeting, donors agreed to state that they had pledged a total of $3.7 billion for 2006+7. However, by the end of yesterday they had not reached final agreement on how to describe which country had pledged how much.

The following table is GFO's own compilation of what was pledged by each country. Absolute


Replenishment Meeting Falls Short of Expectations

7 Sep 2005

Governmental donors yesterday pledged $3.7 billion to the Global Fund. This commitment, which fell short of expectations, will be sufficient to pay for grant renewals during 2006+7, and also for the anticipated 2005 shortfall, but will not cover the cost of any new Rounds.


Urgent Call for Action regarding Global Fund financing

10 Aug 2005

To: Global Fund supporters around the world

From: Rita Arauz Molina, Global Fund board member representing Developing Country NGOs

Peter van Rooijen, Global Fund board member representing Developed Country NGOs

Anandi Yuvaraj, Global Fund board member representing communities living with HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria

Date: 10 August 2005

Re: Urgent Call for Action regarding Global Fund financing


Prospects for London Replenishment Meeting

28 Jul 2005

An analysis of the Fund's financial needs and its likely income suggests that it may well not be possible for the Fund to launch any new rounds in 2006 or 2007. At best, there might be money for one new round in 2007, but none in 2006. This is a very different future than the one hoped for by the Global Fund Secretariat, in which there would be one new round in 2006 and two in 2007.


Fund Prepares for First Replenishment Meeting in Stockholm

7 Mar 2005

Next week, in Stockholm, the Fund will hold the first of two meetings of its first "Voluntary Replenishment Mechanism." The second meeting will take place in London in September. Further rounds of the Replenishment Mechanism are expected to be held every two or three years.


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