Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs)

21 Nov 2004

At its June meeting, the board, led by developing-country government members, had rejected proposals by its Governance and Partnership committee that CCMs be "required" (as against merely recommended) to implement certain measures. That decision was strongly objected to at the Fund's Partnership Forum in July.


Future Grants

21 Nov 2004

1. Round 5

After much debate and with considerable compromise, the Global Fund board unanimously agreed to launch "Round 5," the Fund's fifth cycle of grant-making. The dates will be as follows:


Global Fund Launches Web-Based Price Reporting Mechanism

22 Aug 2004

The Global Fund has launched a web-based Price Reporting Mechanism. This enables recipients of Global Fund grants to provide data on the prices they have paid and the product quality and supplier performance they have received when using their grants for procurement purposes. The data on produce prices is then made publicly available so that anyone interested can compare who has paid how much for which products.


Detailed data regarding Round 1, 2, 3 and 4 grants

16 Jul 2004

Comprehensive data and source material regarding all Round 1, 2, 3 and 4 grants was posted by Aidspan (publisher of GFO) at on July 11.


Detailed data regarding Round 1, 2, 3 and 4 grants

9 Jul 2004

Comprehensive data and source material regarding all Round 1, 2, 3 and 4 grants will be available at by Sunday July 11.


Benefits of Working With the Global Fund

9 Jul 2004

Simon Mphuka is the Director of Programs for the Churches Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ), a faith-based organization that is one of four Principal Recipients in Zambia.


Board Decisions Regarding CCMs

1 Jul 2004

The board discussed a collection of proposed "requirements" and "recommendations" regarding CCM composition and working methods. These proposals had been developed in the course of extensive discussions by the board's Governance and Partnership Committee (GPC), whose members include five developing country governments, four developed country governments, and four civil society members.


Key Decisions Made by Global Fund Board

30 Jun 2004

Key decisions made by the Global Fund board at the meeting that ended today were as follows.


Global Fund Provides Details on Ineligible Round 4 Proposals

7 Jun 2004

Every Round 4 proposal that NGOs submitted direct to the Global Fund (that is, without CCM endorsement) was ruled ineligible by the Secretariat. Most, according to the Secretariat, had little technical merit. And the few that were strong did not make a legitimate case for bypassing their CCM. However, it is possible that some of those proposals were subsequently repackaged as part of proposals submitted by CCMs.


TRP Recommends Surprisingly Small Proportion of Round 4 Proposals for Approval

21 May 2004

Only one third of eligible Round 4 proposals, by dollar value, have been recommended by the Global Fund's Technical Review Panel (TRP) for approval. This low proportion, which will surprise many, is the same as applied in Round 3, and is less than the proportions that applied in Rounds 1 and 2.


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