Global Fund Board Approves Wave 7 RCC Proposals

11 Feb 2010

In December 2009, the Global Fund Board approved nine proposals in Wave 7 of the rolling continuation channel (RCC) funding stream, representing costs of up to $451 million over three years. Of the nine proposals, three were for HIV, four for TB and two for malaria. All approvals are conditional on the applicant responding satisfactorily to clarifications requested by the Technical Review Panel (TRP).


TRP Observations Concerning Round 9

1 Dec 2009

According to the Global Fund's Technical Review Panel (TRP), performance frameworks included in proposals submitted to the Fund continue to be inadequate. This is one of the observations contained in the "Report of the Technical Review Panel and the Secretariat on Round 9 Proposals," a document that was submitted to the recent Global Fund Board meeting in Addis Ababa.


TRP Observations on the "First Learning Wave" of NSAs

1 Dec 2009

The "first learning wave" of a new Global Fund funding stream, National Strategy Applications (NSAs), was recently completed. NSAs involve submitting a national disease strategy itself - rather than a Global Fund-specific proposal form - as the primary basis of the application for Global Fund financing.


Global Fund Board Approves Proposals for Phase 1 of the "AffordableMedicines Facility - Malaria" (AMFm) Funding Stream

16 Nov 2009

At its recent meeting in Addis Ababa, the Global Fund Board approved 10 proposals under Phase 1 of a small innovative new funding programme called the "Affordable Medicines Facility - Malaria" (AMFm), which is designed to provide support for interventions promoting and facilitating the use of artemisinin combination therapies (ACT).


Round Nine Results, by Country

12 Nov 2009

Based on advice from the TRP, the Board divided eligible Round 9 proposals into five Categories, as follows:


Global Fund Releases Guidance on CCM Oversight

24 Oct 2008

The Global Fund recently released a “Guidance Paper on CCM Oversight.” The 9-page, undated paper is available in six languages at The paper refers to oversight by CCMs, not oversight of CCMs.


Global Fund Launches Round 9 on 1 October

17 Sep 2008

The Global Fund will officially launch Round 9 in two weeks' time, on 1 October, as previously reported in GFO Issue #93. The deadline for applications will be 21 January 2009. The Fund says that the proposal form and guidelines for Round 9 will be substantially unchanged from Round 8. At the time of the launch, the Fund will clarify what is involved in re-submitting a Round 8 proposal.


Precise Dates Regarding Round 9 Are Now Known

18 Aug 2008

As previously reported, Round 9 will take place nearly six months earlier than had originally been anticipated; it will be launched on 1 October 2008. This represents only the second time that two calls for proposals have been launched within a single year. Round 10 is then expected to begin in April 2009.


Proposals Submitted in Round 8 are Dramatically Larger than in Previous Rounds

18 Aug 2008

Proposals that were submitted to the Global Fund in Round 8 are more than twice as large, in average dollar value, as in any previous round.

Proposals were submitted in June. The TRP will review the proposals shortly, and the TRP's recommendations will be made known to applicants in October.

Highlights regarding the Round 8 proposals include:


Global Fund Releases Report on the Round 7 Screening Process

31 Jul 2008

The Global Fund has released a report on its proposal-screening process, entitled "Report of the Round 7 Screening Panel." Copies of the undated report are available at (Note: This report relates to Round 7, not Round 8.


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