Volume 2 of <i>&quot;The Aidspan Guide to Round 10Applications&quot;</i> Will Be Available Very Shortly

21 May 2010

Aidspan will issue the English version of Volume 2 of "The Aidspan Guide to Round 10 Applications to the Global Fund" within the next few days. French-, Spanish- and Russian-language versions should be available about two weeks after that.


Applicants Can Submit a Consolidated Proposal in Round 10

21 May 2010

As mentioned in Article 1, Round 10 applicants have the option of submitting a consolidated proposal, instead of a regular proposal, if they are eligible and ready to transition to a single stream of funding.


Global Fund Approves Wave 8 RCC Proposals

18 May 2010

In April 2010, the Global Fund Board approved six proposals in Wave 8 of the Rolling Continuation Channel (RCC) funding stream, representing costs of up to $151 million over three years. Of the six proposals, four were for HIV and two were for malaria. All approvals are conditional on the applicant responding satisfactorily to clarifications requested by the Technical Review Panel (TRP).


Round 10 To Be Launched on May 20, with Several New Features

4 May 2010

Round 10 will be launched on May 20; applicants will then have three months, instead of the usual four, to prepare their applications. The Board will decide which proposals to approve at its meeting on 13-15 December 2010.

This decision was made at the Global Fund Board meeting that took place in Geneva on April 28-30. The main features of the decision are as follows:


Volume 1 of <i>&quot;TheAidspan Guide to Round 10 Applications to the Global Fund&quot;</i> Is NowAvailable

23 Apr 2010

Aidspan has released the first volume of "The Aidspan Guide to Round 10 Applications to the Global Fund." Volume 1, "Getting a Head Start," is designed to assist applicants with the process of preparing proposals for Round 10, particularly in the period of time before the Global Fund officially launches Round 10.


Start Working on Round 10 Proposals Now

6 Apr 2010

The Global Fund is expected to issue a call for proposals for its tenth round of funding shortly. The exact date of the launch will be decided at the next Board meeting, scheduled for 28-30 April 2010.


Report Reveals Significant Increase in Impact of Programmes Supported by the Global Fund

18 Mar 2010

Every day, programmes supported by the Global Fund save at least 3,600 lives, and there has been a dramatic increase in the volume of services delivered. These are two of the highlights of "The Global Fund 2010: Innovation and Impact," a report on results achieved which was released by the Global Fund on 8 March 2010.


Board Approves Two New Round 9Proposals Following Successful Appeals; NSA Appeals Denied

11 Mar 2010

The Global Fund Board has approved two of the nine Round 9 proposals whose original rejection had been appealed by the applicants. The newly approved proposals are an HIV proposal from Pakistan that will cost $11.9 million and a TB proposal from Ukraine that will cost $34.6 million (costs are for the first two years). The approvals are subject to a number of requests for clarification being successfully responded to in a timely manner.


Aidspan Releases Report on Strengths of Rounds 8 and 9 Proposals

11 Feb 2010

Aidspan, publisher of GFO, has released a new report on "Key Strengths of Rounds 8 and 9 Proposals to the Global Fund." The purpose of this report, which is available in English, French, Spanish and Russian, is to provide information to Global Fund applicants on key attributes of a strong proposal.


Three Excerpts from Aidspan's Report on Strengths of Rounds 8 and 9 Proposals

11 Feb 2010

This article contains three excerpts from the Aidspan report on "Key Strengths of Rounds 8 and 9 Proposals" (see previous article).

Excerpt # 1: Key Strength 6 - Multiple Sectors in Service Delivery

Nigeria Malaria (Round 8, Category 2B)


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