GIZ extends deadline for applications for technical assistance in its main program areas

11 Dec 2015

The GIZ BACKUP Health initiative has extended to 31 December 2015 the deadline for applications for technical assistance from its three new program areas: country coordinating mechanisms, health systems strengthening, and grant management. The original deadline was 15 December.

Among the types of project GIZ hopes to fund are:


Hope and unease accompany inaugural training on new funding model in Côte d'Ivoire

2 Apr 2014

In late February, members of Côte d'Ivoire's country coordinating mechanism (CCM) met with some 60 representatives of government, non-governmental organizations and civil society for a four-day workshop on how best to implement the Global Fund's new funding model in their country.


A New GMS Project Is Awarded by USAID

24 Oct 2012

A follow-on project to Grant Management Solutions (GMS) has been awarded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID), with support from the Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, for a period of three years, with the possibility of an extension for up to two additional years. The project’s budget ceiling is $99.9 million.


Toolkit Released on Incorporating HSS in Round 10 Proposals

14 Jun 2010

A new toolkit for use in preparing Round 10 proposals contains information on how countries can use funding from the Global Fund to support health systems strengthening (HSS) activities. It also contains information on technical support providers that are available to assist applicants in developing proposals that address HSS.


Aidspan White Paper <em>"Providing Improved Technical Support to Enhance the Effectiveness of Global Fund Grants"</em> is Published

17 Apr 2008

Before the Global Fund was established five years ago, the critical challenge in the fight against HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria was coping with the shortage of money. But now that the Global Fund is in a position to give grants worth over a billion dollars per year, the critical challenge has shifted.


New Technical Support Publication by the GTZ BACKUP Initiative

30 Sep 2007

The GTZ BACKUP Initiative has published a guide on where technical support for capacity development of Global Fund recipients is most needed, who is able to provide it, and how to make best use of it.


Round Table Meeting Discusses Global Fund-Related Technical Support Issues

5 Feb 2007

Twenty global health leaders, implementers and advocates met in mid-January in England for a two-day "Round Table" of informal discussion on two closely related topics: first, how to ensure that implementers of Global Fund grants can have access to adequate and appropriate technical support; and second, what changes this might require in inter-agency collaboration between the Global Fund, UNAIDS, WHO, World Bank, DFID, PEPFAR, the Ga


Perspectives from Implementing Countries on Technical Support Issues

5 Feb 2007

Two months ago, Aidspan's Executive Director visited four countries in Asia and Africa to discuss technical support issues with people who are involved in or supporting Global Fund grant implementation.


Other Grant-Related Issues

21 Nov 2004


Topics for Discussion at the Forthcoming Board Meeting

8 Nov 2004

The Global Fund's third board meeting of 2004 will take place in Arusha, Tanzania, on November 18-19. GFO will be present, and will report on developments after the meeting is over.

Analysis of decisions made at the June board meeting, and of recommendations made at the July Partnership Forum, reveals a number of topics that are due to be discussed at next week's board meeting.