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The Global Fund’s 42nd Board Meeting confirms 2020-2022 Allocations, committee selection processes, and expansion of

16 Nov 2019
Second exceptional funding request for Venezuela among electronic decisions

On 14-15 November 2019, the Global Fund Board held its 42nd meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. A ‘pre-day’ of information, discussion and interactive sessions was held on 13 November. Aidspan and the GFO/OFM were present, with observer status. The main decisions made at the meeting, in chronological order, are described below.


OIG audit of Global Fund grants to Papua New Guinea highlights increasing malaria prevalence and inadequate internal controls

5 Nov 2019
OIG finds financial irregularities, non-compliance and inefficiencies within the grants

First OIG audit of Liberia’s Global Fund grants highlights that financial management arrangements need ‘significant improvement’

4 Nov 2019
Linkages to HIV and TB services, supply chain structures ‘partially effective’

Third OIG country audit of Uganda highlights concerns about oversight, internal controls and traceability of products

22 Oct 2019

In the third audit of Global Fund grants to Uganda over the 16 years of grants to the country, the Office of the Inspector General concluded that while Uganda is demonstrating a number of good practices, including ‘last-mile’ distribution to health facilities and effective coordination of stock monitoring among stakeholders, “significant issues” remain.


The Global Fund has made some progress in establishing ethics- and integrity-related structures and processes, OIG says

8 Oct 2019
Improvements needed in monitoring and clarifying accountabilities

In the first audit by the Office of the Inspector General of ethics and integrity (risks, structures, and processes) at the Global Fund, the OIG assessed the adequacy and effectiveness of the Ethics and Integrity Framework across Global Fund structures and processes, within the Secretariat, governance bodies, and its operations, including those beyond the Secretariat, such as relationships with implementers and suppliers.


Mixed results from audit of Global Fund grants in Nepal, says OIG

11 Sep 2019
‘Partially effective’ systems for service; inadequate implementation arrangements – but country ahead of schedule to eliminate malaria

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the Global Fund, in its second audit of grants in Nepal, found that the country has made significant progress in the fight against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.


OIG’s follow-up audit of Global Fund grants to Democratic Republic of Congo highlights need to improve stock management and data quality

31 Jul 2019
Progress noted especially in HIV treatment coverage and decline in malaria mortality

A new Office of the Inspector General (OIG) audit of Global Fund grants in the Democratic Republic of Congo acknowledges successes across the three diseases achieved under extraordinarily challenging circumstances, but also highlights stockouts or insufficient stocks of health commodities, data inaccuracies relating to people living with HIV,


OIG Head of Investigations describes 'changing fraud landscape' in Global Fund grants

30 Jul 2019
Data falsification, salary kickbacks among ‘emerging fraud risk areas’; procurement-related frauds decline

The “I Speak out Now” website, the news and resources website of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), features frequent updates on matters of risk-related interest to Global Fund implementers, ranging from ‘How to protect against school fee fraud’ to ‘Fighting back against phishing’ and ‘Speaking out about human rights violations’.


Challenges at Global Fund Secretariat and implementer levels found to impede grant absorption

9 Jul 2019
Still, absorptive capacity has improved despite long-standing challenges

As the Global Fund approaches the replenishment of funds for the next implementation period, 2020 to 2022, the question of how well Global Fund grant funds are absorbed has become prominent. It is a topic, among others, in recent reports by the Global Fund’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG), the Secretariat and civil society organizations.


Global Fund Secretariat responds in part to evaluation and audit of its health system investments

11 Jun 2019
Secretariat has not yet offered responses on a few important issues

The Technical Evaluation Reference Group (TERG), the Technical Review Panel (TRP), and the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), three Global Fund bodies that are independent of the Secretariat, have recently evaluated and audited the Global Fund investments in building “Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health” (RSSH), which make up 27% of all Global Fun


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