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Global Fund Board Approves Design of New Funding Model

16 Nov 2012
No significant changes from what was proposed by the SIIC
Model will not be fully implemented until 2014

The Global Fund Board has approved a design for the new funding model, though some elements of the design will require further work. The Board has also approved a transition phase for 2013 as a way of testing various elements of the new model. The full model will not likely be rolled out until 2014.


Malaria Grant Renewals in Nigeria Include $50 million in “New” Money

9 Oct 2012

The Global Fund Board recently approved two Round 8 malaria grant renewals for Nigeria worth $225 million. This amount included $50 million in “new” money, which will be used to purchase bed nets.


Reports Document Adverse Impacts of Cancelling Round 11

15 Aug 2012
Declines in expected funding have impaired the ability of countries to scale up, and have threatened to disrupt current services
Programmes run by community-based organisations have been hard hit

The cancellation of Round 11 by the Global Fund has had a significant impact on programmes to fight AIDS, TB and malaria including, in particular, programmes being implemented by civil society organisations (CSOs). Programme scale-up and even some essential life-saving interventions that were planned by countries were halted.


Global Fund Issues Call for Applications under the Transitional Funding Mechanism

15 Dec 2011

The TFM covers only essential services


Applicants are encouraged to re-programme existing grants where possible to help maintain essential services



New Tools for Integrating Drug Use Initiatives and CSS in Proposals

13 Oct 2011

Briefing notes on how to integrate drug use initiatives in Round 11 proposals

The International Harm Reduction Network has produced briefing notes for Round 11 applicants on how to integrate initiatives related to drug use into their proposals The briefing notes, which are available in English and Russian, cover five topics:


Deadline for Round 11 Applications Extended to At Least 1 March 2012

28 Sep 2011

Current estimates of funds available for Round 11 significantly lower than forecasted in May 2011

Funds might not be available until 4th quarter of 2013


New Resources Regarding TB

2 Sep 2011

The Stop TB Partnership has launched an email-based Round 11 hotline at


HSS Reference Guide; FBO Manual; CSAT Action Alert; Resource Kit from WHO and UNAIDS

23 Aug 2011

HSS Reference Guide for Round 11 Proposals Released


Volume 2 of Aidspan's Round 11 Applying Guide Released

23 Aug 2011

Volume 2 includes guidance on filling out the proposal forms


New Information Notes for Round 11

9 Aug 2011

The Global Fund has been issuing new information notes for Round 11 at a fairly constant rate. When we went to press, there were 22 information notes listed on the Fund's website here. Below, we provide details on six of them. This is followed by a list of all 22 notes.



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