Global Fund Introduces New Minimum Standards for Implementers

1 Mar 2013
Standards apply to early NFM applicants

The Global Fund has developed new minimum standards for implementers. Entities covered by the standards include principal recipients (PRs), large sub-recipients (SRs) and other associated actors, such as public- or private-sector entities involved in the pharmaceutical and health products procurement and supply chain, as well as components of the national health system. 


Audit Reveals Deficiencies in the Management of Global Fund Grants in Cambodia

2 Nov 2010

All four principal recipients (PRs) in Cambodia established separate structures parallel to national ones to manage procurement and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) functions within Global Fund grants. The creation of parallel structures goes against the intention of core Global Fund principles that call for the use and strengthening of national systems.


OIG Report Documents Weaknesses in Oversight of Procurement and Supply Management

8 Oct 2010

Deficiencies in the oversight of procurement and supply management (PSM) arrangements may be exposing Global Fund grants to unnecessary and unacceptable risks. This is one of the conclusions of an audit report released by the Fund's Office of the Inspector General (OIG) in April 2010.


Global Fund and Manufacturers Reduce Prices of Malaria Drugs in Eight Countries

8 Oct 2010

Malaria patients in eight countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia will pay significantly less for ACTs (artemisinin-based combination therapies) purchased through the private health care system, as a result of agreements between the Global Fund and six manufacturers of malaria drugs.


Global Fund Releases New Procurement Guide

18 May 2010

The Global Fund has published a new version of its procurement guide. The "Guide to the Global Fund's Policies on Procurement and Supply Management," at 28 pages, is twice as long as the previous version (issued in 2006).


Global Fund Addresses Risks of Treatment Disruptions

18 Dec 2009

The Global Fund is taking action to minimise the risk of treatment disruptions arising from interruptions in Global Fund financing and from weaknesses in country-level procurement and supply management (PSM) systems.


Global Fund Will Soon Provide Procurement-Related Technical Assistance

18 Dec 2009

Service providers for the Global Fund's Capacity Building Service and Supply Chain Management Assistance (CBS/SCMA) initiative have been selected, and discussions are underway with about 10 countries that have expressed interest in strengthening their national supply chain management system.


Report Suggests New Executive Director Focus on Seven Key Tasks

26 Oct 2006

An independent working group convened by the US-based Center for Global Development has published a 43-page report recommending seven tasks that the new Executive Director of the Global Fund should focus on.

The board of the Global Fund will choose the new Executive Director on Tuesday, October 31, from a short-list of five people chosen by a board committee from among 334 candidates.


Recommendations on Operational Issues from the Partnership Forum

19 Sep 2006

The 400 participants at the Global Fund's Partnership Forum in July 2006 in Durban, South Africa, made recommendations of two main kinds: strategic, and operational. The strategic recommendations were reported in GFO Issue 61. (See Now, in this issue, we summarize the operational recommendations.


Partnership Forum Generates Recommendations on Global Fund Strategic Issues

5 Jul 2006

Over 400 people from 118 countries attended the Global Fund's second Partnership Forum on 1-3 July 2006 in Durban, South Africa. Some of the most significant recommendations to emerge called for the possible use of programme-based rather than Round-based funding; making technical assistance more efficient; re-thinking the role of Local Fund Agents (LFAs); and fixing procurement and supply management bottlenecks.


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