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Audit of Philippines Grants Reveals Serious Irregularities on the Part of One PR

6 Apr 2010

An audit conducted on the implementation of Global Fund grants in the Philippines documents numerous systems weaknesses, accounting irregularities and unauthorised expenditures on the part of one principal recipient (PR), the Tropical Diseases Foundation (TDF).


Audit Report Reveals Weaknesses in Management of DRC Grants

6 Apr 2010

There are a number of deficiencies in the financial management of sub-recipients (SRs) by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the principal recipient (PR) for all of the Rounds 2-7 grants in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).


Start Working on Round 10 Proposals Now

6 Apr 2010

The Global Fund is expected to issue a call for proposals for its tenth round of funding shortly. The exact date of the launch will be decided at the next Board meeting, scheduled for 28-30 April 2010.


Global Fund Provides CCMs with NewTool for Grant Oversight

11 Mar 2010

The Global Fund has introduced the "dashboard," an information tool designed to support country coordinating mechanisms (CCMs) as they carry out their grant oversight functions.


OIG Report Lists Numerous Problems in Grant Implementation

11 Feb 2010

In every country audited by the Global Fund's Office of the Inspector General (OIG) since 2006, there were numerous instances of principal recipients (PRs) not complying with clauses in their grant agreements. The Global Fund does not have mechanisms in place to monitor and enforce compliance with these clauses.


Secretariat Issues FAQs on Implementing Recent Board Decisions

11 Feb 2010

The Global Fund recently released a wide-ranging Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document on how to implement decisions made by the Global Fund Board in November 2009 concerning cost-cutting measures and the new grant architecture. The document is entitled "Grant Signing Frequently Asked Questions," though in fact it covers many issues beyond those related to grant signing.


Recognizing and Tackling Barriers to Global Fund Growth

22 Apr 2008

If the Global Fund is to achieve the continued rapid growth that it is planning for, it will have to recognize, and tackle, some significant barriers to growth that are becoming increasingly apparent.


The Advantages of Dual-Track Financing

14 Mar 2008

If developing countries are to make significant progress in the coming decades in the battle against HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria, they will require not only the enormous financial resources that the Global Fund can provide, but also the active participation of a substantial army of foot-soldiers – engaging the enemy village by village in the countryside, and street by street in the cities.


Changes to the Global Fund's CCM Guidelines

25 Feb 2008

the Purpose, Structure, Composition and Funding for Country Coordinating Mechanisms and Requirements for Grant Eligibility"). The Board made three major changes or additions:


Acaban de ser publicadas las Versiones en francés, español y ruso de los Documentos de Aidspan para las Subpropuestas Nacionales

15 Jan 2008

[Editor's note: This article is an adaptation in Spanish of an article that appeared in English in GFO Issue 82.]

Aidspan ha preparado cuatro documentos para asistir a los MCPs en el proceso de solicitar subpropuestas nacionales para su posible integración en la propuesta nacional consolidada del MCP:


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