Explanation of The Global Fund’s new strategic KPIs

21 Jun 2016
New strategic indicators form the top level of a three-tier framework

When, on 15 June, The Global Fund Board adopted a new key performance indicator (KPI) framework (see GFO article in this issue), it also approved 12 strategic KPIs. The strategic KPIs form the top tier of a three-tiered framework. This article contains a description of the strategic KPIs.


On KPIs, four 2015 performance targets were missed

27 Apr 2016
Eight of the 13 KPIs show strong performance

The Global Fund has failed to meet its 2015 targets on access to funding, value for money, resource mobilization, and human rights protection. The Fund is also unlikely to meet its 2016 target for health system strengthening.

This information was contained in a paper on the results of the Fund’s key performance indicator targets presented to the Board at its meting in Abidjan on 26-27 April.  

Le Fonds mondial est bien classé dans l’index 2016 de transparence de l’aide

18 Apr 2016

Selon l’organisation à but non lucratif, Publiez ce que vous payez (PCQVP), le Fonds mondial est classé parmi les cinq meilleurs bailleurs de fonds en terme de transparence et de responsabilité. PCQVP a publié son index de la transpanrece de l’aide le 13 avril.


The Global Fund scores well in the 2016 Aid Transparency Index

18 Apr 2016

According to the non-profit organization, Publish What You Fund (PWYF), The Global Fund ranks among the top five donors of global aid for its transparency and accountability. PWYF released its Aid Transparency Index on 13 April.


OIG identifies significant issues with monitoring The Global Fund’s current strategy

5 Apr 2016
KPI framework termed “ineffective”

The Secretariat has not yet established an effective mechanism to routinely monitor and assess The Global Fund’s performance against strategy. The current key performance indicator framework is ineffective and does not enable full understanding of the challenges posed by the Fund’s 2012-2016 strategy. Nor does it make timely corrective action possible.


Eight key performance targets on track, five below expectation

17 Nov 2015
Fund acknowledges it will likely miss the target on time-to-first-disbursement for approved grants

While eight of the Global Fund’s 13 key performance indicators for which results are available are performing well, the organization is at risk of not meeting the indicators for the other five. This information was contained in a report on KPIs provided to the Board at its meeting on 16-17 November.

There are 16 indicators in all, but the Board paper provided results for only 13 of them.


Global Fund Board to review progress towards meeting KPI targets at November meeting

2 Nov 2015
The KPIs have been modified several times since they were introduced a decade ago

Detailed assessments of how well the Global Fund has performed against 13 key performance indicators will be presented to the Fund’s Board at its 34th meeting on 16-17 November. The Board will also review the 2016 performance targets for 10 of the indicators, and one additional sub-indicator that measures the efficiency of the Fund’s investment decisions.


Global Fund Board and committees will be evaluated annually

17 Oct 2015
Governance Performance Assessment Framework is adopted by the Board

The Global Fund will institute a formal process for evaluating the performance of the Board, Board committees and the leadership of both. Stakeholders and external parties will be involved in the evaluations.


Aidspan conducts survey of East African sub- and sub-sub recipients of Global Fund grants

18 Sep 2014
Despite a low response rate, the survey showed a diverse mix of experiences with Fund processes and principal recipients

Aidspan has released a brief analysis of a survey conducted of sub- and sub-sub recipients of Global Fund grants in four East Africa countries: Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. All four countries are classified by the Grants Management unit as High Impact Africa 1 countries.


Board Adopts Evaluation Strategy

16 Dec 2011

As reported in our Board decisions article in GFO 167, the Global Fund Board has approved a five-year Evaluation Strategy. This article provides additional information.


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