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Global Fund to Resume Disbursements for Grants to China

2 Sep 2011

Discussions continue on concerns raised by the Fund

The Global Fund has lifted the temporary freeze on disbursements for its grants to China. However, not all of the concerns raised by the Global Fund when it imposed the freeze on China's HIV grant in November 2010, and other grants in May 2011, have been resolved. Discussions are continuing.


Three Excerpts from Aidspan's Round 11 Applying Guide

23 Aug 2011

This article contains three excerpts from Volume 2 of "The Aidspan Guide to Round 11 Applications to the Global Fund" (see previous article).

Excerpt #1: Describing the country's national disease programme


New Information Notes for Round 11

9 Aug 2011

The Global Fund has been issuing new information notes for Round 11 at a fairly constant rate. When we went to press, there were 22 information notes listed on the Fund's website here. Below, we provide details on six of them. This is followed by a list of all 22 notes.



Volume 2 of Aidspan's Round 11 Applying Guide Will Be Released Soon

9 Aug 2011

Aidspan plans to release the English version of Volume 2 of "The Aidspan Guide to Round 11 Applications to the Global Fund" within a few days of the launch of Round 11 (which is scheduled for 15 August). Volume 2 will include guidance on many of the questions on both the regular proposal form and the new common health systems strengthening (HSS) proposal form.


Aidspan Round 10 Applying Guide Available in Several Languages

24 Jun 2010

"The Aidspan Guide to Round 10 Applications to theGlobal Fund - Volume 2: The Applications Process and the Proposal Form"is now available for single-country applicants in English, French, Spanish andRussian at


OIG Identifies Shortcomings in Rounds-Based Grant Application Process

24 Jun 2010

According to the Global Fund'sOffice of the Inspector General (OIG):


Global Fund Releases New Procurement Guide

18 May 2010

The Global Fund has published a new version of its procurement guide. The "Guide to the Global Fund's Policies on Procurement and Supply Management," at 28 pages, is twice as long as the previous version (issued in 2006).


Changes to the TRP Review Criteria

4 May 2010

As mentioned in Article 2, the Global Fund has modified the criteria that are used by the Technical Review Panel (TRP) to review proposals. The changes come into effect immediately, and thus will impact the review of Round 10 proposals.


Global Fund Provides CCMs with NewTool for Grant Oversight

11 Mar 2010

The Global Fund has introduced the "dashboard," an information tool designed to support country coordinating mechanisms (CCMs) as they carry out their grant oversight functions.


OIG Report Lists Numerous Problems in Grant Implementation

11 Feb 2010

In every country audited by the Global Fund's Office of the Inspector General (OIG) since 2006, there were numerous instances of principal recipients (PRs) not complying with clauses in their grant agreements. The Global Fund does not have mechanisms in place to monitor and enforce compliance with these clauses.


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