Dybul Responds to Questions on the NFM

19 Jun 2013

On 6 June, Executive Director Mark Dybul responded to a letter from the NGO and Communities delegations on the Global Fund Board that asked for more information on the transition process for the new funding model (NFM) and related matters. The delegations’ letter was sent on 3 May (see GFO article).


TRP Observations and Lessons Learned on First Wave of Concept Notes

14 Jun 2013
“The notes were technically sound and strategically focused”
Problems encountered with how indicative and above indicative amounts were presented

The Technical Review Panel (TRP) has provided feedback on its review of the first wave of concept notes. This article provides a summary of what the TRP said.


The NFM Allocation Methodology Explained

14 Jun 2013

There is a fair consensus among stakeholders that, in theory at least, the iterative process for funding applications under the new funding model (NFM) – which involves the development of concept notes and a process of country dialogue – is a significant improvement over the rounds-based applications process. The iterative process is being pilot tested now among early applicants.


The Evolution of “Country Ownership” at the Global Fund

31 May 2013

“Country ownership” has been one of the core principles of the Global Fund since it was created in 2002.


Communities and NGO Delegations Seek More Information on Funding Allocations for the Transition Phase of the NFM

6 May 2013

The Communities and NGO delegations on the Global Fund Board have written to Executive Director Mark Dybul seeking clarification and additional information on how funding was allocated to early and interim applicants in the transition phase of the new funding model (NFM).


Majority of PRs Say Grant Negotiation Process Too Complex, Rating System Does Not Accurately Reflect Performance

23 Apr 2013
Aidspan survey achieves 37% response rate
Most PRs are happy with the use of PU/DRs for reporting

Two-thirds of the principal recipients (PRs) that responded to an Aidspan survey consider the grant negotiation process to be complex. The same proportion said that the grant rating system is not an accurate measure of performance.


Aidspan Launches Multilingual Website

22 Mar 2013

Since the start of Aidspan eleven years ago, our website ( has been almost exclusively in English. The website has been an important tool in our work of explaining, analysing and discussing various aspects of the Global Fund’s operations and structure. 


Additional Information on Transition Phase

11 Mar 2013

In an email sent to Board members on 7 March, Global Fund Executive Director Mark Dybul provided additional information on the transition phase of the new funding model (NFM). The email was in response to questions posed to the Secretariat since the NFM was launched on 28 February.


Information for Interim Applicants

1 Mar 2013

Interim applicants selected by the Global Fund will receive a formal invitation to apply for funding in the transition phase. The Global Fund will advise each potential interim applicant of the amount of funding available to it. Invited applicants will be asked to officially acknowledge receipt of the Global Fund’s invitation, and to confirm within a specified time frame whether they would like to participate.


Information for Early Applicants

1 Mar 2013
Early CCM applicants will use most elements of the NFM
Concept note is a mix of old and new

This article summarises the guidance provided by the Global Fund for early applicants under the new funding model (NFM), the process that these applicants will follow, and the information these applicants are required to submit.

Guidance provided by the Global Fund


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