Standard Applicants Urged to Begin Preparing Now for Their NFM Funding Request

28 Jun 2013

The Global Fund is advising all countries not participating in the transition to the new funding model (NFM) – referred to as “standard applicants” – to begin preparing now for a funding request in early 2014 (assuming that this timeframe fits their national cycles).

The Secretariat says that countries should be: (a) strengthening their country dialogue, especially with key affected populations; (b) strengthening their national health and disease strategies; (c) identifying programmatic and funding gaps; (d) prioritising needs across diseases; and (e) reviewing eligibility requirements for country coordinating mechanisms to ensure that they comply.

The Secretariat says that if countries work on these areas prior to the full roll-out, the time it takes to develop a concept note will be significantly shortened.

The NFM Transition Manual provides guidance to countries on the steps outlined above. See the section on “standard applicants” in the main text; and Appendices 1 and 3 (in particular).

The Secretariat told GFO that by mid-July, all country teams will have been trained on what they and countries can be doing now to prepare for the full roll-out; and will have received presentations they can use to communicate this guidance to countries.

The Secretariat also said that the Global Fund has been discussing this topic with technical partners, civil society organisations and networks of key affected populations so that they understand how they can help countries prepare for the full roll-out. 

Finally, the Secretariat said that the written guidance available online will be enhanced as the Secretariat incorporates lessons learned from the early applicants.

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