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The Global Fund Board has launched a recruitment process for the Technical Review Panel, the independent body of experts that reviews funding applications to the Global Fund, and ensures that their strategic focus is aligned to the Global Fund Strategy 2017-2022. The Board’s Strategy Committee...

11 Sep 2019

Lancet Commission confirms malaria could be eradicated by 2050

In the first academic article of its kind, the Lancet Commission on Malaria Eradication report shows – by synthesizing existing evidence – that the world can achieve malaria eradication within a generation. The report overview...

11 Sep 2019

As we count down the days to the Global Fund’s Sixth Replenishment Conference on 10 October, in Lyon, France, the rate of donors announcing pledges or intentions has increased. In this edition of the GFO and the next, we will publish a short news roundup summarizing the latest developments....

11 Sep 2019

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the Global Fund, in its second audit of grants in Nepal, found that the country has made significant progress in the fight against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. The number of patients on antiretroviral treatment has increased by 25% in the last three...

11 Sep 2019

The Global Fund has published its new funding request materials for the 2020-2022 funding allocation cycle longer in advance of the first application deadline than previously, with Window 1 applications due by 23 March 2020.

The reason for the earlier-than-usual publication on the Global...

10 Sep 2019

Aidspan is a non-profit organization based in Kenya whose mission is to reinforce the effectiveness of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria by serving as an independent watchdog of the Fund and its grant implementers

Aidspan Report: Do Global Fund Grants Work for Women? An Assessment of the Gender Responsiveness of Global Fund-Financed Programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa
30 Jul 2008

This Aidspan report examines the extent to which proposals to the Global Fund that were submitted by countries in sub-Saharan Africa in Rounds 1-7, and that were accepted for funding, included services and activities that were gender-responsive.