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On 4 August 2017, Nigeria was notified that its TB/HIV funding request – submitted on 28 May 2017 – was not invited to proceed to grant-making. The Technical Review Panel (TRP) recommended a further iteration of the funding request. This means that the country must re-work and resubmit its...

22 Aug 2017

The Global Fund recently announced a list of priorities for multi-country funding for the 2017-2019 cycle. Of the $260 million available, some is ear-marked for pre-identified applicants and some will be open to competitive applications, though the eligible regions and objectives of the grants...

22 Aug 2017

The Global Fund has embarked on a process that could see major changes made to the role and structure of country coordinating mechanisms (CCMs). A key part of the process is a series of regional consultations which the Global Fund’s CCM Hub is organizing together with several of the Fund’s...

22 Aug 2017

Aidspan is seeking additional correspondents for Global Fund Observer (GFO).

GFO currently has several correspondents, some of whom cover events in particular regions. Other correspondents have a global remit. You have seen their names on GFO articles. They make a major contribution to...

22 Aug 2017

Six representatives of civil society organizations (CSOs) on Moldova’s National Coordination Council for National HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Programs – the body that fulfils the functions of a country coordinating mechanism in Moldova (hereinafter “CCM”) – have appealed to the Global Fund...

22 Aug 2017

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An Advocacy Guide on Global Fund Financing
26 May 2005

Provides advocates in developing and developed countries with information on the current situation with respect to funding; and suggested advocacy strategies to counter the anticipated shortfall. Published jointly by Aidspan and ICASO.