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The Global Fund Secretariat has provided an update on the implementation of its Governance Action Plan (GAP). The update took the form of a paper prepared for the Board meeting held on 9–10 May 2018.

The GAP was created by the Ethics and Governance Committee (EGC) in 2017 in response to...

3 Jul 2018


Good progress is being made in recoveries. During the last half of 2017, total outstanding recoveries related to audits and investigations by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) declined by $5.8 million to $5.3 million. As of 31 December 2017, only 5% of total OIG-related...

3 Jul 2018

On 28 May 2018, the Global Fund Board approved 13 country grants worth $234.2 million. This includes $7.4 million in matching funds. The Board also approved $6.2 million in matching funds requests for grants from two countries for which regular funding had already been approved.  


3 Jul 2018

The Global Fund has launched a global photo contest inviting partners and implementers to submit photographs showing how the work they are involved in saves lives. The contest forms part of an ongoing effort both to broaden and localize the Fund’s network of photographers, and to reduce costs....

3 Jul 2018

In April 2015, the Global Fund’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) launched a human rights complaints mechanism through which anybody can report human rights violations in the context of a Global Fund-supported program. However, in over three years, not a single complaint has been received...

3 Jul 2018

Aidspan is a non-profit organization based in Kenya whose mission is to reinforce the effectiveness of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria by serving as an independent watchdog of the Fund and its grant implementers

Options for Reforming the Global Fund Board
02 Apr 2014

At the Fund’s 31st Board meeting, held 6-7 March 2104 in Jakarta, it was announced that a working group on governance will be established to examine the Board’s structure and working methods. Reforming itself will be as difficult as anything the Board has ever had to do, because there is no entity above it that can force it to look in