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The position of executive director of the Global Fund has been posted on the online Jobs Board on the website of the news magazine, The Economist. The announcement, which can be found here, was first posted on 9 June 2017.

The closing date for applications is 21 July 2017.


13 Jun 2017

The Global Fund has issued two requests for proposal (RFPs) that aim to improve the engagement of civil society and communities in Global Fund programs and processes.

Support engagement of key populations

The Global Fund is inviting global networks or consortia of networks of HIV...

13 Jun 2017

There is little information in the TB/HIV funding request submitted by the Kyrgyzstan country coordinating mechanism (CCM) on the program that the applicant proposes to implement. And there is almost no information on how Kyrgyzstan plans to cope with an allocation that is significantly lower...

13 Jun 2017

Challenging operating environments (COEs) are countries or sub-regions of countries that the Global Fund characterizes as having weak governance, poor access to health services, manmade crises (such as conflict) or natural crises (such as famine). The Fund’s COE policy affords these countries...

13 Jun 2017

Kenya was among the 35 countries that submitted funding requests to the Global Fund in Window 2 on 23 May 2017. Kenya’s TB/HIV funding request was for $421.9 million, made up of a $256.4 million allocation request, $138.9 million prioritized above-allocation request (PAAR) and a $26.6 million...

13 Jun 2017

Aidspan is a non-profit organization based in Kenya whose mission is to reinforce the effectiveness of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria by serving as an independent watchdog of the Fund and its grant implementers

Options for Reforming the Global Fund Board
02 Apr 2014

At the Fund’s 31st Board meeting, held 6-7 March 2104 in Jakarta, it was announced that a working group on governance will be established to examine the Board’s structure and working methods. Reforming itself will be as difficult as anything the Board has ever had to do, because there is no entity above it that can force it to look in