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Informations supplémentaires sur les financements accordés aux pays candidats

6 Mar 2017
41 millions de dollars ont été approuvés pour six subventions de cinq pays

Comme nous l'avons mentionné dans un


Board approves additional funding from the 2014-2016 allocations

12 Feb 2017

All of the attention lately has been on the allocations for 2017-2019, but funding related to the 2014-2016 allocations continues to be awarded at a steady pace. In December 2016, in a flurry of activity, the Global Fund Board approved funding in five different categories.


Additional information on the funding awards to country applicants

12 Feb 2017
$41 million approved for six grants from five countries

As reported in a separate article in this issue, among the funding from the 2014-2016 allocations awarded by the Board in December, $40.5 million went to six grants from five components and countries that have not previous received funding. See the table for details.

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