The UK may withhold part of its £1.1 billion pledge to the Global Fund if performance targets not met

4 Oct 2016
UK remains concerned about corruption

The UK Secretary of State responsible for foreign aid, Ms. Priti Patel has stated that aid earmarked for Global Fund use will come with conditions tied to "performance agreements" which would leave it up to the Department for International Development (DfID) to withhold 10 percent of future donations if certain conditions go unmet.


Campagne de reconstitution: Les efforts de plaidoyer s’intensifient

12 Sep 2016
Quel sera l’engagement du Royaume-Uni suite au Brexit et au changement de gouvernement?

La campagne de reconstitution des ressources du Fonds mondial a reçu un coup d’accélérateur à Durban lors de la 21e Conférence internationale sur le sida avec plusieurs événements parallèles et la sortie du rapport du Globa


Replenishment round-up: Advocacy efforts intensify

2 Aug 2016
How much will the U.K. pledge after Brexit and the change of government?

The Global Fund’s replenishment campaign received a critical advocacy boost in Durban at the 21st International Congress on AIDS with several high-profile side events and the release of the Global Fund Advocates Network’s (GFAN) Cost of Inaction 2016  Report (see GFO article in this issue).

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