Préoccupations quant au processus de conception du cadre d'ICP et de fixation des objectifs ciblés

27 Jan 2017
Après quelques retards, des objectifs ciblés revus devraient être présentés au Conseil d’administration en mars

Depuis leur création par le Fonds mondial il y a quelques années, les indicateurs clés de performance (ICP) et les objectifs ciblés ont constitué un défi pour le Secrétariat, tant pour les définir, les m


Concerns raised about the process for designing the KPI framework and setting the targets

17 Jan 2017
After some delays, revised targets are expected to be presented to the Board in March

Since the Global Fund established key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets several years ago, they have been challenging for the Secretariat to generate, update and report on. They have also been challenging for the Board to oversee.


Process for planning the 2017-2022 Strategy has been significantly enhanced, OIG finds

5 Apr 2016
However, the OIG audit identifies problems regarding the timing and extent of data analysis

According to the Office of the Inspector General, significant enhancements have been made by The Global Fund to improve the process put in place for planning its 2017-2022 Strategy. However, the OIG said, there is room for improvement on the timing and extent of data analysis to inform strategic choices. As well, there are significant issues concerning the processes for implementing and monitoring the 2012-2016 Strategy.

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