New report finds improvements in Malawi’s Global Fund program for key and vulnerable populations, credits community engagement

14 Jan 2019
Challenges persist in achieving effective community monitoring of grant implementation

A new report from the International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO) finds that Malawi’s Global Fund program improved in a number of ways during the 2017-2019 funding cycle. The total funding requested for key and vulnerable populations rose dramatically, and service packages for these groups were defined in greater detail.


Réflexions d’une rédactrice de demandes de financement au Fonds mondial

13 Sep 2017
Il n’y a pas deux processus de pays identiques

Cette année, j’ai rédigé trois demandes de financement au Fonds mondial pour des programmes africains de lutte contre le VIH et la tuberculose. Pour la première période d’examen (20 mars 2017), j’ai rédigé une demande pour le Zimbabwe, pour la deuxième période (23 mai 2017) une pour la Zambie et pour la troisième période (28 août 2017) une demande pour le Swaziland.


On holding the pen: reflections from a writer of Global Fund funding requests

5 Sep 2017
No two country processes are the same

This year, I wrote three Global Fund funding requests for African HIV and TB programs. In Window 1 (20 March 2017), I wrote for Zimbabwe; in Window 2 (23 May 2017), I wrote for Zambia; and in Window 3 (28 August 2017), I wrote for Swaziland.

Both Zimbabwe’s and Zambia’s funding requests were invited to proceed directly to grant-making. Swaziland anticipates learning the outcome of its request in mid-October.


Board approves $15 million for continuation of strategic investments in community, rights and gender over 2017-2019

29 Nov 2016
The initiative will expand access to technical assistance during the 2017-2019 grant cycle

The Global Fund will invest $15 million over the next three years (2017-2019) to bolster community responses, human rights and gender equality in its grants.


Des obstacles à l'information pour la société civile, selon le rapport sur les subventions régionales

9 Nov 2016
Quarante trois parties prenantes de quatre pays africains ont été interrogés



Report on regional grants finds information barriers for civil society

29 Sep 2016
43 stakeholders from four African countries were interviewed

A new research report has found that civil society and community groups face a range of critical information barriers with respect to the Global Fund’s regional grants in Africa.


Global Fund tops PEPFAR on engagement of key populations: Survey

10 Aug 2016

A new survey report compares African key populations’ engagement in the decision-making processes of large funding partners.


Un rapport appel à un financement complet du Fonds mondial et un accent mis au leadership des réseaux des populations clés

5 Aug 2016
Le Rapport se fonde sur une note de plaidoyer publiée plus tôt

Atteindre les objectifs de développement durable (ODD) exige non seulement un Fonds mondial entièrement financé, mais aussi une approche qui met fortement l'accent sur ​​le leadership des réseaux de populations clé


Report calls for a fully funded Global Fund and a focus on the leadership of networks of key populations

18 Jul 2016
Report builds on advocacy brief released earlier

To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires not only a fully funded Global Fund, but also an approach that focuses strongly on the leadership of networks of key and vulnerable populations to deliver results.


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