Peter Piot


La conférence internationale sur le sida 2018 recadre la riposte mondiale au VIH sur le long terme

7 Aug 2018
« La fin de la rhétorique sur le sida était une erreur », affirme la Société internationale sur le sida-Commission Lancet


International AIDS Conference 2018 reframes the HIV response for the long term

31 Jul 2018
‘End of AIDS’ rhetoric was a mistake, IAS-Lancet Commission says


The ‘Risky Middle’: HIV spending, economics and perceptions

31 Jul 2018
Middle-income countries with high HIV burdens face transitional financing challenges

AIDS was first recognized in 1981. In 1983 the causal virus was identified. Initially the main concern of the health sector was with ‘high risk’ groups in the west: hemophiliacs, drug users and gay men. It soon became apparent that the disease had the potential to spread further, but by 2000 it was recognized it was not going to be a threat to the majority of people in these areas, and indeed transmission could be prevented.

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