Main decisions made at Global Fund Board meeting

16 Nov 2017

On 14-15 November 2017, the Global Fund Board held its 38th meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. GFO was present, with observer status. The main decisions made at the meeting, in chronological order, were as follows. (For precise wording of what the Board agreed, see the decision points document that is available at www.theglobalfund.org/en/board/meetings/38.


Board approves 2018 Global Fund OPEX budget of $312 million

15 Nov 2017
Fund will need to find savings to offset one-time expense of moving to Global Health Campus

The Global Fund Board approved a 2018 operating expenses (OPEX) budget totaling $312.0 million. This is $12.0 million higher than the 2017 OPEX budget.


Main decisions made at Board meeting

18 Nov 2015

On 16-17 November 2015, the Global Fund Board held its 34th meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. GFO was present, with observer status.


Le Fonds mondial dans l'œil du cyclone financier en 2014

9 Apr 2015
Les pertes causées par les fluctuations de change avoisinent les 300 millions de dollars

Le Fonds mondial a confiance dans sa capacité à faire face à la tempête actuelle sur le marché des changes, au raidissement observé dans le système bancaire international et à des besoins financiers supplémentaires en raison d’une durée des subventions raccourcie, sans que cela n'entraîne une quelconque interruption dans les prestations de services d'ici l


Global Fund at eye of perfect storm in financial markets in 2014

8 Apr 2015
Losses due to currency exchange fluctuations hovering around $300 million

The Global Fund is confident it will weather a perfect storm of currency fluctuations, a straitened environment in international banking and additional financial requirements caused by shortened grants to face no interruption in services through the end of the 2014-2017 allocations period.

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