Unitaid: key innovation partner of the Global Fund

8 Aug 2017
A closer look at an organization that helps build the evidence for scale-up of the most impactful interventions for HIV, TB and malaria

La demande de financement TB/VIH du Kenya auprès du Fonds mondial se centre sur la prévention du VIH chez les populations clés et la recherche des cas manquants de tuberculose

20 Jun 2017
Priorité aux démarches innovantes au niveau communautaire

Le Kenya figure parmi les 35 pays qui ont présenté des demandes de financement au Fonds mondial le 23 mai 2017, date de soumission des candidatures de la deuxième période d’examen.


Kenya’s TB/HIV funding request to the Global Fund zeros in on HIV prevention among key populations and on finding missing TB cases

13 Jun 2017
Innovative approaches are prioritized at community level

Kenya was among the 35 countries that submitted funding requests to the Global Fund in Window 2 on 23 May 2017. Kenya’s TB/HIV funding request was for $421.9 million, made up of a $256.4 million allocation request, $138.9 million prioritized above-allocation request (PAAR) and a $26.6 million matching funds request. A $112.0 million malaria funding request was submitted on the same day ($60.1 million within allocation and $51.9 million PAAR).


New Strategy calls for increased resources and a broadening of the donor base

10 May 2016
The Fund will also promote greater domestic investment

The Global Fund’s new Strategy calls for the Fund to mobilize increased resources, to diversify its donor base, and to promote greater domestic investment in the fight against the diseases.

The Board adopted the new Strategy at its meeting in Abidjan on 26-27 April (see GFO article.)

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