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As Global Fund multi-country grants enter a new phase, we map all ongoing and planned regional and multi-country grants

6 Mar 2018
There will be 16-19 multi-country grants from 2017-2019 catalytic funding; and there are 24 active regional grants from 2014-2016

The Global Fund's strategic initiatives focus on deliverables and outcomes

6 Feb 2018
All but one of the 14 initiatives are in the implementation phase

In operationalizing its strategic initiatives, the Secretariat has ensured that each initiative has a “sharp focus” on deliverables and outcomes, with strong accountability for delivery, a spokesperson for the Secretariat says.


The Global Fund forms partnership to find missing cases of TB

17 Oct 2017
The countries involved account for 55% of all missed cases of TB and multidrug-resistant TB

The Global Fund, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Stop TB Partnership and 13 countries with a high burden of TB have launched a program to find and treat an additional 1.5 million missing cases of TB by the end of 2019.


Matching Funds

16 May 2017

In our article, “More information on catalytic investments,” published on 17 April 2017 in GFO 309, we erroneously said that in order to access Matching Funds, a component of catalytic investments, countries must commit domestic funds equal to the matching amount requested.  We wrote: “In addition, they must “match the Matching Funds” – i.e.


More global attention for tuberculosis, including increased funding to find missing patients

16 Jan 2017
Through its catalytic investments, the Global Fund is pushing $125 million into TB case finding

Two high-profile initiatives were launched late last year, each designed to shore up the response to the global tuberculosis epidemic.


Catalytic investments: $800 million for matching funds, multi-country approaches, and strategic initiatives

17 Nov 2016
There will be a lot more funding for strategic initiatives and multi-country programs

The Global Fund Board has approved $800 million to be set aside for catalytic investments over the 2017-2019 grant cycle. These investments are intended to catalyze country allocations to ensure they deliver results against the aims of 2017-2022 Global Fund Strategy.


Le Fonds mondial devrait aligner ses investissements à effet catalyseur aux objectifs mondiaux pour l'éradication du paludisme

5 Jul 2016

En 2015, l'Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS) indiquait que plus de la moitié des 106 pays où le paludisme continuait à se transmettre en 2000, avait réussi à faire baisser l’apparition de nouveaux cas d’au moins 75 %. Les investissements du Fonds mondial ont été, et continuent d'être, un facteur clé de ce succès.


The Global Fund should align its catalytic investments with global targets for malaria elimination and eradication

7 Jun 2016

In 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that among the 106 countries with malaria transmission in 2000, more than half had achieved at least a 75% reduction in new cases. The Global Fund’s investments have been, and continue to be, a key driver of this success. Dedicated funding for malaria has dramatically reduced the malaria burden and sustained these reductions.


Le Conseil approuve la méthodologie d’allocation pour 2017-2019

29 Apr 2016
Les changements par rapport à la méthodologie précédente ne sont pas nombreux

Le Conseil a approuvé une méthodologie pour déterminer les allocation pour 2017-2019 qui ne diffère pas beaucoup de celle qui était utilisée pour la période 2014-2016. Les différences principales sont les suivantes :


Board approves allocations methodology for 2017-2019

28 Apr 2016
Changes from previous methodology are not significant

The Board has approved a methodology for determining the allocations for 2017-2019. The methodology does not differ significantly from the one used for the 2014-2016 allocations. The main differences are as follows:

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