South Africa confronts HIV prevention challenge for adolescent girls and young women with new Global Fund grant

26 Feb 2019
This will be the Global Fund’s largest investment by far in AGYW programming

South Africa, home to the largest national HIV epidemic globally, is getting ready to begin implementation of a new Global Fund grant for the period 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2022 in the amount of $353.3 million. The funding request was submitted during Window 6 (on 6 August 2018) and was reviewed by the Technical Review Panel (TRP) in September 2018.

The TRP recommended South Africa’s funding request.


Peter Sands delivers first report as Executive Director to the Global Fund’s 40th Board meeting

15 Nov 2018
Emphasis on partnership, SDG 3 action plan, data and innovation

Peter Sands delivered his first report as Executive Director to the Global Fund Board, on the first day of the 40th Board meeting held on 14–15 November in Geneva, to an appreciative and warmly supportive set of responses from Board delegations.


Global Fund grants underfund HIV prevention among adolescents, the key driver of the epidemic in Eastern and Southern Africa

16 Oct 2018
Proportion of funding for HIV prevention among youth is disproportionately low

New partnerships involving the Global Fund announced at Davos

7 Feb 2018
One of the partnerships sparked a reaction from organizations concerned with the effects of alcohol on public health

The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, held on 23–26 January 2018 in Davos, Switzerland, was the occasion for announcements of several new partnerships involving the Global Fund.


Zambia’s TB/HIV funding request to the Global Fund has ambitious targets and is well aligned with national programs and strategies

9 Jan 2018
TRP’s concerns regarding interventions for key populations addressed during grant-making

The third batch of funding approvals by the Board (see GFO article) included two TB/HIV grants from Zambia. In this article, we report on the comments from the Technical Review Panel (TRP) and the Grant Approvals Committee (GAC) on the funding requests from which these grants emanated.


Mozambique’s TB/HIV funding request to the Global Fund builds on achievements of current grants, TRP says

9 Jan 2018
Matching funds requests sent back for iteration

Among the grants approved by the Board in the third batch of funding (see GFO article) were four TB/HIV grants to Mozambique. In this article, we report on the comments of the Technical Review Panel (TRP) and the Grant Approvals Committee (GAC) on the funding request from which these grants emanated.


In brief

12 Dec 2017

Donation from Spain in new debt swap


Steady progress on human rights and gender activities in the Global Fund’s Strategy, but there have been delays

28 Nov 2017
Lack of resources and limited knowledge around human rights barriers among challenges faced by Secretariat

Generally speaking, work to implement the third objective of the Global Fund Strategy 2017-2022 – to promote and protect human rights and gender equality – is making steady progress, although the majority of the sub-objectives have experienced what the Global Fund calls “minor issues and delays.” These issues can be attributed in part to a lack of resources and insufficient internal capacity on human rights issues.


New fund to be launched to support meaningful engagement of adolescent girls and young women in Global Fund and national processes

7 Nov 2017
The HER Voice Fund will focus on 13 countries in Southern and Eastern Africa

The Global Fund will invest $500,000 over the next year to bolster meaningful engagement of adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) groups and networks in Global Fund–related processes and in national processes in 13 focus countries. The funding will be made available to countries via a new venture, the HER Voice Fund, which is set to be launched later this month.


On holding the pen: reflections from a writer of Global Fund funding requests

5 Sep 2017
No two country processes are the same

This year, I wrote three Global Fund funding requests for African HIV and TB programs. In Window 1 (20 March 2017), I wrote for Zimbabwe; in Window 2 (23 May 2017), I wrote for Zambia; and in Window 3 (28 August 2017), I wrote for Swaziland.

Both Zimbabwe’s and Zambia’s funding requests were invited to proceed directly to grant-making. Swaziland anticipates learning the outcome of its request in mid-October.


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